Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maggie's Corner: Shopping For Dachshunds

Like most girls, your Long and Short of it All hostess 'Maggie' loves to shop, and she has been busy scouring magazines and the internet for the newest designs as well as some classic Dachshund gifts that you might like for your beloved Dachshund, or something special that makes your house a home.  And the holidays are right around the corner!  Above, Let this set of Dachshund bookends do all of the work when it comes to keeping your favorite Dachshund books organized.  That's right, it's a new design from Jonathan Adler, and it's available at Barnes and Noble for just $39.95.  Shop smart and search for coupon codes and get it for less. 

If you're looking to add a little joy to your life, look no further than this "Halloweenie" Dachshund figurine by Dachshund Lover Jellybean Junction on Etsy.  Measuring in at just 2.5 inches tall, this hand-crafted shorty really enjoys her ballerina costume, and is on sale for just $13.79.  There are multiple Halloweenie figurines to choose from.

And while you're over at Etsy, don't miss the hot hot Dachshund necklaces offered up by Dachshund Lover Rachel Pfeffer.  Inspired by her late, great Doxie 'Rusty,' several Dachshund styles are available, and run from between $40 and $50. 

Thanks to our pal 'Clancy' for sending this one in - it's a Dachshund box measuring in at 10.5 inches long. Featuring a secret compartment and "beautiful hand-painted nature scenes," he ain't cheap at all.  As a matter of fact, he'll set you back $495 at the Toy Shoppe. 

And finally, a hot water bottle is a Dachshund's best friend on a cool winter's day, and it wouldn't be comfy without a Dachshund cover on it.  Pricing in at £28.00, this one comes with a hot water bottle inside and the Dachshund print cover is fully removeable for washing.  Find it along with Dachshund pillows, Dachshund dog beds, and whatever you can think of to put a Dachshund print on at Emily Bond.

Maggie says:  Spend, Spend, Spend! 


Ruby and Penny said...

Great shopping Maggie. We love the dachshund box.
Love Ruby & Penny

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maggie. Well done! Can't get enough Doxie items!

AMD said...

I am an avid shopper of Dachshund items too! Checkout my latest find:

Katherine said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Halloweenies :) One of your awesome followers came by and purchased all 10 that I currently had listed! So, it's off to the craft room for me to get working on some new Weenies!

Unknown said...

Levenger has their E B White Dachshund bookend back in the catalog! Got mine last week =-)

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