Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dachshund 101

These two informative clips on the Dachshund breed standard look to be from an AKC presentation.  Very nice.  Via youtuber Adoptiicaini.

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firstyouleap said...

I think Jeeves is a pretty smashingly beautiful boy even by the picky akc standards! I knew there was a logical reason for my succumbing to his long, noble nose. melinda

Brindusa (Brinda Dasha) said...

Hehehe, this is a Romanian presentation. What a surprise to discover it on an American blog. Here dachshund are called teckel, a rather German name.

I love your blog. Was the first I discovered when I started looking for doxies related blogs.

Stella Kar Mun 嘉芠 said...

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