Monday, October 19, 2009

Twenty-Five Dachshunds Delivered to Nebraska Dachshund Rescue

Nebraska Dachshund Rescue sure has their work cut out for them - 25 long dogs arrived in Omaha last night; they were surrendered from an Iowa breeder.  Excerpt from Action 3 News:

Julie Siebler is Vice President of Nebraska Dachshund Rescue. She opens her home to the dogs and the volunteers taking care of them.
Julie Siebler: "They have a definite smell about them from being kennelled for so long and just staying within a confined area. I don't know if they've ever been bathed."
But nothing beats the smell of freedom.

If the video doesn't appear for you, you can check it out and of course read more at Action 3 News.

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Sarah J said...

Thank you for mentioning this! I was a part of this rescue and all the dogs looked so happy once we got them out of there kennels!!!

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