Wednesday, October 14, 2009

California Woman Unhappy After Dachshund Adoption Denied

Ashley Inglis of Bakersfield, California, saw a dachshund she wanted to adopt last week at the local SPCA shelter, but she was given bad news. "It was being saved for Wednesday," she said. Wednesday also happens to be the day the SPCA holds its annual adoption event. 
We're hoping she can bring home her new friend today, but after taking the issue to the local news station, it's anybody's guess.  Find out more at Bakersfield Now.
There's one thing we've learned over the years with rescue groups and shelters - it's that they do the hard work, and they make the rules.  Often times potential adoptors feel left out because of some of the rules, but it's usually in the best interest of the dogs.  We're not so sure in this case. 


doxie mama said...

My understanding from the article is that Ms. Inglis was told that the dog wasn't available to adopt until Wednesday - not that she couldn't adopt him. Why go to the press and make the difficult job SPCA does even harder, just because they're making you wait until Wednesday? Ms. Inglis' behavior certainly raises some red flags.

Many groups certainly think twice when someone wants to adopt "immediately" and doesn't respect the rescue's time table and rules. The "instant gratification" adoptor treats choosing a companion like a trip to the mall - and sadly, more often than not, the adoption fails and the pup ends up back in rescue, usually because the pet ended up being an inconvenience to the owner (because they didn't think about the consequences of their actions).

Anonymous said...

We tried to adopt a dachshund from our local shelter and were denied because we did not have a fenced-in area since we lived in an apartment complex. We moved to a very similar apartment, also without a yard, and found another couple had adopted the very same dog we wanted. So they lied about the fenced-in part. Why didn't the shelter just tell us if someone else wanted the dog? We now have two dogs, and neither one of them came from the shelter because of that experience.

Anonymous said...

If she was an approved adoptor, she shouldn't have had to wait for "the annual adoption event" to adopt the dog out on a particular day just for an event.

Anonymous said...

SPCA is a fraud, thats why i stopped Supporting them. I bet they will increase the dogs fee for that adoption day! The Legal Nonsense they have you sign in order to adopt, in the near future it will only be the rich who will be allowed to adopt and that will cause people to buy dogs through Puppy Mills.

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