Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Everyday Is Like Sunday

Meet smooth blue(?) and tan 'Suede,' and his/her human Kelley Skinner, who hail near Chico, California.  They made a trek to Dachshund Sunday, a local meetup/get-together which meets the second Sunday of every month in Chico.  Suede sure is a looker!  Read more about the event at ChicoER. 
Meetups are a great way to socialize your Dachshund and to admire the breed.  Find a local meetup near you on, or Yahoo Groups. 

And if there is a Dachshund Sunday, then every day should be like Sunday, which leads us to this Morrissey video taken in 2005 on his 46th birthday in Manchester, England, performing the 1988 hit Everyday Is Like Sunday.  We'll seize any moment to promote our idol, we're sorry, we just can't help ourselves.


Anonymous said...

A fellow Mozzie fan. I've been listening to him and The Smiths from 1987??? Wore out my tapes until the magnetic strips wore out. My first album was Louder than Bombs that I cherished like my best friend. Morrisey's record on animal welfare has won him awards which I'm sure you know. : )

Anonymous said...

Listened to them until the magnetic strips wore off I meant to say.

kalyxcorn said...

totally a blue. their coats are interesting, short but kinda wiry.

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