Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wieners in History: Dachshund Face on Barroom Floor

Dachshund Face on Barroom Floor

Re-enacting a jumping accident, a Dachshund Named Stretch is seen here lying on the floor of a San Francisco bar. With his splint showing, Stretch posed for Photographer Bob Campbell.
Six years ago Stretch was a pup without a home or a pub to call his own, and he accepted Bartender Paul Aro's offer of some beef jerky. Ever since then he has been hooked. So says a news story spotted by American Dachshund Obedience News Reporter Barbara Nichols (who has a special interest in Dachshund jumping).
Stretch learned that if he backed up to the rear of the tavern, got up a good head of steam, and took a flying leap, he could jump up on a bar stool.
But one day Aro waxed the floor. Stretch lost traction at the time of take-off point and slammed into the side of the stool. The attempted jump broke his right rear leg.
Which just goes to show - or does it?

Story from The American Dachshund, January 1965


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Tommy is a descendant of Strech?? It sure would explain a lot! Great old article-Thanks,
Kim and he Crew

Andra said...

Love your fun blog!
Luke and Liesel

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