Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm a Great Dachshund, So Don't Badger Me

Sing it out loud! Meet black and tan longhair 'Topo,' and her brother, red longhair 'Bowie,' longtime friends of ours from Chicago, Illinois. The dynamic duo star in their big video debut here, Topo & Bowie, Dogs About Town, and it features beautiful photos and a hilarious country dachshund song that we've never heard before, DON'T MISS IT! It'll start your Monday off right. Woof!

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curator said...

Dear Joey and Maggie, This is a wonderful blog and just the kind of thing I love. May I have you on my Favorites list over at The Pet Museum?

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful site! We recently adopted a rescue from DREAM Atlanta. She's a beautiful red/sable smooth, standard. I'm off trying to find a hands-free carrier that will fit her long doesn't look like it will be easy to find.

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