Friday, April 11, 2008

Signs of the Dachshund Revolution Surface in Washington, DC

Dachshunds are everywhere. We're taking over the world. We control you in your homes, and we will soon control the world.
In response to statements such as those by John McCain calling Washington "the city of Satan," The Washington Post revealed the above map on Wednesday, detailing a demonic pentagram...."a roadmap for Lucifer which bores directly into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

BoingBoing uncovered the real threat however: "A giant malevolent dachshund bearing down on the Capitol! It's clearly visible (and angry) as you can see."
Are you ready for The Dachshund Revolution? Be afraid. Be very afraid. We're hoping that dachshund lovers will be spared to continue their arduous tasks as servants. Enjoy your Friday.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dachshunds will take over the world -- not one city at a time, but by slow infiltration into all of our cities. No one is safe from the power of the dachshund.

Washington DC was designed by Masons and that's why the pentagram is built into the design. It's a Masonic symbol. It was done purposely and not by Satanists.


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