Thursday, April 3, 2008

'Bingo,' the Famous LA Dachshund

We sadly report that 'Bingo,' the "King of Sunset Junction," was hit by a car and passed away on Sunday. He was the store greeter at the chic boutique Pull My Daisy. Excerpt from Jenny Burman's Echo Park Blog: In an email forwarded to me, Tamala Poljak wrote:
Hello friends, many of you have probably heard this sad, sad news already but our sweet BINGO, (Sarah Dale's dog, the king of Silverlake/Sunset Junction, Pull My Daisy's mascot, bacon eater, champion of wiener races and a lover to many) was hit by a car last Sunday and passed away. ... He was an unbelievable little man who made everyone smile. I knew him since he was a little puppy. He had the best social skills of any being I know and taught me a lot about love and affection.
There will be a memorial in his honor on Sunday, April 6, at noon near the mural at the surplus store on Hyperion and Sunset, near the Casbah [cafe]. Please join us to celebrate his life, bring some flowers or some pictures or bacon....

Read all about Bingo and see a nice photo at Jenny Burman's Echo Park Blog. Bingo also has a myspace page. Our hearts go out to Bingo's family and friends.
Remembering the good times, enjoy the fun video above of Bingo's big wiener race. He sure had love and support all around him!

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