Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dachshund Yoga

Meet Satoe Tachi and her red longhair kaninchen dachshund 'Chaco' practicing yoga, or "doga" with the Japan Dog Association. ABC News Nightline did a television segment last night on this increasingly popular trend. Here's an excerpt from their website: The latest fitness craze for dog lovers is called "doga" and it's coming to a mat near you. In a typical doga class, owners help their pups facilitate different poses, and they also do their own poses using the animals as helpful props. Owners also perform doggy massage and acupressure to help soothe and relax their pets.
"This is about you and your dog, and time with your dog," said [instructor] Harendorf as she began the class and instructed the owners on how to gently stretch their dogs' legs and paws.
Read all about this fun and relaxing activity to do with your doxie at ABC News Nightline.

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