Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dachshund Lovers Support Animal Birth Control

Singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton is the latest celebrity dachshund lover to join PETA in their ABC (Animal Birth Control) campaign. Looks like her dachshund, 'Lord Victor,' is proud of his mom for helping to get the word out about the importance of spaying and neutering our pets. Vanessa has this to say about her good buddy Victor: Lord Victor is an extremely handsome little man. Though he is quite humble, he definitely has a mesmerizing effect on the ladies. He is a professional cuddler and world traveler. He's overjoyed when we stumble upon a rare twig on the city sidewalks. He loves to gather these sticks and bring them home, where he then proceeds to chew them up and inevitably regurgitate them. Another pastime that we both enjoy is making cocktails. When he hears the clank of ice cubes, he rushes over to the freezer. I give him a cube, and he proudly prances over to his bed, where he revels in the crunchy goodness.
Find out more about the ABC campaign at

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Here's dachshund lover Dita Von Teese's ABC campaign photo that we featured last year.

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Did someone say 'Woof?'

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