Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sassy Sammy

Kisses! Meet little dappled 'Sammy' and her human Linda Hemmann of Red Lion, Pennsylvania. Ms. Hemmann hopes to train her littermate doxies as therapy dogs, but is having some trouble with her boisterous babies. She found help with free training classes at her local SPCA. Excerpt from The York Daily Record: Having all but given up on breaking Sammy and Sadie of their incessant licking and barking habits, Hemmann hopes she's finally found the answer she's been looking for after attending the class Monday night.
First embarrassed by Sammy's loud introduction to the class, Hemmann learned quickly that a loud dog in a training class will get a lot of attention.
Both Sammy and her owner learned early the first lesson of dog training -- vinegar water.
Read all about Sammy and learn some training tips at The York Daily Record.

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