Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Firefighter Hero Saves Dachshund

Thanks to Marene H. for the tip about this heart-warming story!
Meet lucky 4-year-old red smooth 'Blin,' who hails from Mesa, Arizona. A fire broke out at her home with her humans gone, and the neighbors called the owners, who asked if their pets were safe. The Mesa Fire Department Captain went in to rescue Blin and a turtle, but a cat is still missing. Excerpt from NBC 12 News: Mesa fire says the captain went into the home, and found the little Dachshund named “Blin” in an area where there was a moderate amount of smoke, and pulled the animal to safety. “The dog was actually hiding,” says [Blin's human] Dan Bleak, “and she actually pulled her out… the dog actually bit her, and she still pulled her out.”
Bless our heroic firemen, or in this case, heroic firewomen. Read more and see a nice news video at NBC12 News.

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