Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meet Devin the Dachshund

Meet pretty black and tan smooth 'Devin,' who hails from greater Columbus, Ohio. Devin is a busy girl who recently took a break from her hectic schedule to celebrate her 4th birthday. Devin is so fashionable in her bright sweater! Excerpt from a special "me and my pet" column from the Columbus Dispatch: Her responsibilities include protecting her home, car, yard, sidewalk and street from any type of intruder, whether it is a fly, bird, cat, dog or person. She sits at the front window and barks fearlessly until the intruder goes away.
When off-duty, Devin enjoys playing in her yard with a pink tennis ball (after all, pink is her best color), swimming in her small swimming pool, running through the lawn sprinkler and riding in the car.
Read all about Devin's accomplishments including taking part in the Wiener Dog Summer Nationals and her big birthday celbration at the Columbus Dispatch.

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