Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Working Dachshund: Bubba's on Mole Patrol at the Local Cemetery

We wouldn't work if you paid us. Why should we when we get everything for free anyway? Oh, the wonderful lives we have of being pampered dachshunds.
We went to visit grandma and grandpa a while back, and they have a mole problem. Dad took us out to the yard, pointed to the ground, and said "Get the moles Joey and Maggie!" We played dumb and just stared at him. See, we're not about to get dirt on our nails, we're city dogs: Pampered. City. Dachshunds.
Shaded red smooth 'Bubba,' who hails from Fremont, Nebraska, knows the score though. The city had a major mole problem in its local cemetery, and after trying everything they could to get rid of them, even calling in University experts, they turned to 9-year-old Bubba, who, in the past 3 years, has killed over 80 moles. Wow! Excerpt from the Fremont Tribune: Forget what you’ve heard about The Terminator. Rambo. And even The Rock. You ain’t seen nothing, ’til you’ve seen Bubba.
A 9-year-old miniature dachshund, Bubba lives with Fremonters Dale and Betty Reandeau. Like other dogs, the friendly little pooch sits up, rolls over and plays dead -- all for a doggie treat.
But in Ridge Cemetery, Bubba is one lean, mean, mole-hunting machine.
Read all about super Bubba and see more pics in a great article at the Fremont Tribune.

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firstyouleap said...

What a great job for a doxie. I can't let Jeeves hear about that, he might take off in search of a cemetary to pursue a career. He'd be great at it in good weather but would definitely hide when it was raining!

Franny said...

Bubba is so cute and funny! 80 moles? That's so many! I wonder how he gets them all. I have a small mole problem in my yard and Franny digs all day, almost every day. She has yet to catch one.

-Franny's Mom

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