Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dutch the Dachshund Survives Mojave Green Rattlesnake Bite

Sending warm dachshund wishes for a continued speedy recovery to 'Dutch,' who hails from Lucerne Valley, California. Dutch and his doxie sister 'Sarah' were found in the backyard by their human battling a Mojave green rattlesnake, the deadliest rattlesnake in North America. The snake took a bite at Sarah first before the dogs nobly finished off the snake. Dutch immediately became lethargic, and their human rushed them both to the vet. Sarah's thick fur may have protected her from the bite. After 6 days of 24 hour care and a $10,000 vet bill, Dutch appears to be on the mend, although he may have lost his sight. Read about it at the Daily Press. We love how Dutch seemed to get better after his dachshund buddy 'Lee' came to visit him. Please get well soon Dutch.

The Camino Animal Clinic out of Camino, California offers up a great article for dog lovers: Coping With Snakebites.

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