Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dachshunds in the News: Kitty Induces False Pregnancy and Nursing Response

It sounds like 'Lillie' the dachshund was a mother at a previous time, but not sure how long ago from the story. 'Tahoe' was a stray kitty luckily found in the engine of the family car! There are also video and audio clips at the link. Excerpt from the Victoria Advocate: "We kept him in our bedroom," Eunice Collins said. "I woke up four days later and he was nursing on Lillie. I couldn't believe it."
Today, Tahoe and Lillie hang out, nap and cuddle together. In the mornings, at night and following naps, Tahoe rolls over and feeds from Lillie, purring and pawing at his new mother's belly.
Lillie lays still, content to be a mother again.
"She's a good dog," Beck, the veterinarian said. "Having Tahoe around induced a false pregnancy, a nursing response. It made the hormones needed to produce milk. Now, I'm sure the cat obviously had it in her mind the dog was her mother."
Eunice Collins said, "Lillie is a very loving longhaired dachshund. She has just taken Tahoe on as her baby, and has been nurturing and taking care of him. They're just very close." Read the rest.

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