Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dachshunds Walking Across Wisconsin in the News

What a great bonding experience for 'Paige' and her mom! Excerpt from the Chetek Alert: Hazel Sinclair of Minnetonka, Minn., and her walking partner, Paige, a miniature dachshund, recently walked over 250 miles across the state of Wisconsin in order to raise awareness for Huntington’s Disease. So, she and Paige walked. And they walked. And they walked. Down county highways, past farmers' fields, at a pace of seven to 10 miles per day.
Sinclair says she has raised about $3,200 to this point stemming from her long walk, a lot of it due to her constant, yet diminutive, traveling companion."She was an outstanding ice-breaker for me," says Sinclair. "People would stop and say, 'Oh, look at the cute puppy,' and that would get us started talking about our walk. The people would then ask about the walk, and that would give me the chance to talk about HD. I got quite a few donations that way." Read the rest and see an additional photo.
If you are interested in contributing to Hazel and Paige's fund-raising effort, please visit First Giving.

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