Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dognapped Dachshunds Make it Home in the News

This story is a bit disturbing. Thankfully at least 'Jasmine' is home safe! Excerpt from KTTC: ROCHESTER, MN -- It's a dog-napping case with a happy ending; a pup is reunited with her owners, but not before police have to step in. And while it may seem like a simple story, for the couple it happened to it was anything but. In fact they are so afraid of the dog nappers coming back to retaliate, they don't want to release their last names.
Jasmine is a happy go-lucky miniature dachaund puppy, glad to be reunited with her family. She ran out the door when Jason and Katie were moving some boxes Monday evening. "We couldn't find her. We walked around asking everybody if they'd seen this dog, and one neighbor had seen a four door domestic brown vehicle older style," says Jason. Read the rest.

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Anonymous said...

My doxie has an AVID chip implanted in him. If he gets lost, most animal shelters have scanners to see who the dog belongs to. It might not help too much with theft, but it can prove who the dog belongs to!

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