Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Boy and His Dog

(Click photo to enlarge)
What an awesome photo! Flickr member 'Doubletee' has some great images, check 'em out. This is his text for this great little photo:
"A boy and his dog" - Van Nuys, California, 1969 - Well, on select weekends he was my dog. Bootsie (note the white fur on his front paws) belonged to my grandparents. (He had a cousin, Tinker, not pictured.) This is in the parking lot of my dad's auto mechanic shop (let me tell you, having a mechanic for a father in L.A. is golden); that's the home of Grandma & Grandpa on the northern part of the lot. Note that it's not the puppy on a leash here; it's the car. Bootsie lived a long life, dying in 1983 at age fourteen.

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