Friday, July 9, 2010

The Working Dog: Diggy The Coolest Hunting Little Dachshund

Thank Dog It's Friday, and in honor of our four-legged friends who actually work for their supper, meet 'Diggy,' the hunting Dachshund.  Too bad about some of the expletives in the video, and it might be a little squeamish for some folks, but this is what hound dogs do afterall. 
Via youtuber Birdsfearme, who notes:  This is Diggy a Red Short Hair Dachshund hunting Chukar on EGA a private game bird perserve in Southern Californis on March 2010. Diggy was discovered at the local feed store and was to be a house dog for Andies wife the care taker of EGA but after hanging out with Andy he picked up the hunting skills of his working dogs and soon became more skilled than the other dogs that Andy start letting Diggy do the heavy lifting. Now if he could only retrieve waterfowl!!!


Coloradolady said...

Too cute!!!!! LOVE IT

Marene&Ali said...

This is a riot. So much for all those "soft mouth hunting dogs".

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