Monday, July 26, 2010

Operation Cuddles

Meet one-year-old 'Cuddles.'  This sweet piebald gal was surrendered to the Humane Society in Key Largo, Florida with a "bad skin allergy."  After many failed attempts with minimal resources to treat her, she was scheduled for euthanization. 
Enter Dachshund Rescue South Florida.  The group was contacted last Monday to see if they could help Cuddles, or even make a donation to pay for a specialist for her.  DRSF decided to take her in, and picked her up from the shelter on Wednesday.  Here's an update on Cuddles from the DRSF blog:

When I came home from work this afternoon, I sat with Miss Cuddles and just held her in my arms and feed her some chicken jerky treats that she loves. I couldn’t hold back the tears as my 9 year old comes to check on Cuddles and finds me with my head down just looking at this tiny, helpless, little girl that looks at you with her little eyes and the pain just radiates into your body from hers. Although I am happy to be the one to be able to help her on this long road to recovery, you cant help to think about all the pain that she is going through. She doesn’t play, she doesn’t bark, she doesn’t do anything that a 1 year old puppy should do.

Donations can be made for DRSF on their website.  Keep up with Cuddles on the DRSF blog. 


Anonymous said...

OMG, how very very sad to see this neglect. I have tears in my eyes for this little puppy. God bless the rescue folks for being there for her. Get well fast Cuddles, we are all barking for you.

curator said...

This makes me so sad and so hopeful at the same time. Poor little Cuddles. What a story. With so much love and goodwill around she can't help but get better! Right?

Anonymous said...

You should see her now. Since rescued by DRSF (dachshund rescue South Florida) she is smooth and not flaky and little tiny patches of fur coming in. Still has a long way to go, but making progress.

Anonymous said...

You should see the video of Cuddles made on the weekend of Aug. 7. She is playing tug-a-war and hide-and-seek and her coloring is absolutely gorgeous. Joey could "fall in love with her". Amazing the difference TLC can do!!!

Anonymous said...

poor puppei i wish i was a a rich person and i had money i would give a big donation for cuddles but right now all i could send is my best wishes for the puppie god bless the ppl that rescued this animals

Pearl said...

I had a pug that had problems very much like Cuddles. I'm sure my pug went through some of the same treatments as Cuddles, till it was figured out that his skin condition had much to do with food allergy's and he was allergic to grass. Grass torn out. Home made food chicken rice and sweet potato with liquid vitamins... Didn't take long (a few months) the skin stop oozing and a few months more hair was coming back in. In our case it was not only external but was the internal .. I hope Cuddles makes it through as my male pug did and he lived a long life with us.

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