Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pack the Bags and Head to Durban, South Africa

Still haven't taken that summer vacation and need to get away?   Head down to Durban, South Africa, and check yourself in at The Concierge Boutique Bungalows for a few days.  A Dachshund will greet you on the door to your room, on your menu, and in the courtyard upon your arrival (below).  We're betting that there may be one or two real Dachshunds around to greet you as well. 

Durban designing duo Greg and Roche Dry sit a spell on the oversized black fiberglass Dachshund, which came from a 35-year-old mould last used back in the days when the beach-front still had an amusement park. Read more about this hotel's designs at Times Live.


Holly Diane said...

So cute! I want a bench like that!

Anonymous said...

I'm from South Africa and I will definitely need to go and make a turn there!!

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