Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pet Rock Motivates Doc the Dachshund in Clovis Wiener Nationals

Whatever it takes to get us to the other end of the track at the races - some Wiener Dogs like their favorite toy, ball, treat, or even a piece of fried chicken - just give 'Doc' his pet rock.  Doc participated in the second annual Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals in Clovis, New Mexico on Saturday, and his love of his pet rock led him to take 2nd place!   Hats off to the Doctor!  Excerpt from cnj online:

David and Laura Martinez didn’t have to guess why their dachshund, Doctor Martinez, placed second even though it was his first year competing.
“We coaxed him with his pet rock, not treats,” Laura Martinez said.
Martinez said Doc will go after his rock even if it’s hidden in a drawer or a pocket. He found the rock while living in Arizona and it’s been with him since. Even though the family has to hide the rock from Doc occasionally to give his gums a break, he won’t stand for it long, Martinez said.
“Dachshunds have the best personalities,” Martinez said. “They are loving, they snuggle with you under the covers. They are very well behaved. They’re protective.”

Big congrats goes out to 'Lady Bug' for taking the crown this year after placing 2nd last year.  Read all about the Clovis Wiener Nationals at cnj online.

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Anonymous said...

I love Doc's smiling face!!! Pet Rock? Hum ,dachshunds do strange things

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