Saturday, July 10, 2010

Meet Daisy Stephanopoulos

Did someone say Dachshund Lover?  When last we mentioned George Stephanopoulos, he was grieving the loss of his beloved Dachshund 'Gilbert.'  Yesterday the television journalist and former political adviser debuted the newest 4-legged addition to his family on ABC's Good Morning America.  Was it a Dachshund?  You betcha!  Meet 'Daisy,' the beautiful red smooth Dachshund puppy whom the Stephanopoulos family rescued from the local Humane Society!  Daisy joins the other 4-legged member of the family, 'Charlie,' a Dachshund-Jack Russel mix. 
In this video, Daisy attempts to pick the winner of the World Cup.  How will she fare?  We've got a feeling that she was thinking "If it's not Germany, why even bother?!"
Congratulations to the Stephanopoulos family.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw this!! So glad you caught it for your site. SOOO cute.


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