Monday, July 19, 2010

Dachshunds: The Noisiest Dogs In New York City

Who, Me?

Labels.  Hhhmph.  We've had a run at being called the oldest dogs as well as the most aggressive dogs, and now we're being called the noisiest dogs.  What's a Dachshund to do?  Certainly we are the most lovable dogs, right?  Meet one of Ruth Carmelitano O'Sullivan's two Dachshunds, who are the noisiest dogs in New York City.  Yep, 'Elizabeth' and 'Emily' have had 2 animal noise violations issued against them, the most issued to anyone in New York City over the last year.  Excerpt from the New York Daily News:

One neighbor at the John Jay House co-op on E. 76th St. said residents "suffered through [the barking] for over a year" and it made them "miserable."
The woof-fests occurred during the daytime, when O'Sullivan was at work, residents said.
After warning O'Sullivan about the noise, the city's Department of Environmental Protection hit her with a $70 violation on Nov. 17. She was slapped with another noise violation, for $175, on Jan. 14, records show.
O'Sullivan didn't comment, but her ex-husband, Larry Genovese, defended his ex-wife and the dachshunds.
"It was ridiculous," said Genovese, who lived with O'Sullivan when she was ticketed.
"She didn't deserve what she was put through."
O'Sullivan eventually paid both fines, and residents said she's taken steps that have kept Elizabeth and Emily quiet.

Read more of this blusterous story and see another pic at the New York Daily News.


impromptublogger said...

Well, in our house the doxies middle names is always "Noisy". Yes they do bark a lot but so do a lot of other dogs! And at least they don't howl and bay like beagles (ugh)

Ruth said...

My dogs are quiet - what the Daily News reporter failed to say is that he interviewed my other neighbor (who lives on the other side of me) who told him that she never hears the dogs. She also gave me a letter to this effect for the DEP. I received the two fines because when you stand infront of the door the one dog will bark. The one neighbor was the only one in the building complaining. I was told she even sent out flyers in the building to get other people to complain with no luck (she also approached many people). I have had the dog for 5 years so if they were so loud why not start in earlier? Fanelli (reporter) went on line for the pxs (one of which I was in a bunny suit as I was on my way to a children's Easter Egg hunt- to try to make me look foolish) - James Fanelli needed a story and did not tell the correct story. My dogs go to rehab centers to visit patients - they are wonderful, loving, animals. I know what the truth is and that is all that matters. Ruth

Anonymous said...

Good for you Ruth!! Standing up for you and your dachshunds

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