Monday, July 26, 2010

Battle in Seattle

Dachshunds take the track at Seattle, Washington's Emerald Downs for the 14th Annual STAR 101.5 Wiener Dog Races on Saturday, July 24, 2010.  This is a fun little video of the event by youtuber jumpinpup.

'Buster' gives his best run during preliminary in the STAR 101.5 Kent and Alan Wiener Dog Races at Emerald Downs on Thursday July 22, 2010. The winning dogs competed on Saturday.  See 14 very fine photos from the preliminary over at seattle pi.

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Anonymous said...

The winner of this years 2010 race is Reggie!! Proudly owned by Kevin and Diane Ainsworth of Mount Vernon WA. This was Reggies 4 year running at Emerald Downs. He placed 2nd, 3 years in a row. This was a very very SPECIAL victory for Reggie and his owners!!! Look for Reggie at this years Octoberfest and hopefully Seattle Seahawks 2010 Wiener Dog Race.

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