Friday, July 30, 2010

A Wiener Sleeps Tonight

We're not sure if this video documents some tribal Dachshund initiation into the human world or maybe it's a human initiation into the Dachshund world - regardless, 'Po' the Dachshund is certainly getting the last laugh in this fun new video by youtuber jfroomkin.  How are they keeping straight faces?

Have a great Friday.


Sheila said...

That video is a hoot. It makes me realize that there are people who are crazier than me about wiener dogs.:)

Whit said...

I'm crazy about wiener dogs, but I don't think I'd put Milo through that.
If he were a lighter color you could probably see those rolling eyes a lot easier (I'm sure he was rolling his eyes, mine has rolled them for a lot less!)
Cute and creative though!

Trinket's mom said...

Should we give the kids some lessons on the right way to hold a doxie? The video would have been just as cute -it not cuter- if Po had been held correctly.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing Trinket when we were watching this video. Ouch!! My back!!!

Anonymous said...

poor puppy -- that's a long time to be held like that.

joel Froomkin said...

It's my video... just to make everyone feel better - she likes to be held like that. That's the reason she doesn't struggle. She's perfectly content and much calmer than normal when she has the same viewpoint as people... AND when she's the center of attention. :) This was done the final day of our summer show - those four actors had spent many hours with her, so she was very comfortable around them and used to them dancing around and singing.

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