Monday, December 14, 2009

Tsk-Tsk, Macy's - Where Was Your Spell Checker?

According to this ebay auction which is now over, this Macy's Thanksgiving Parade "Frieda the Dachsund" [sic, sic sic!] balloon ornament is new for 2009.  We'll be darned if we can find it online at Macy's though.  Time for a trip downtown to do some shopping.


angie said...

i don't know if that auction's right. the box says 2003, so they may not be in stores this year.


kalyxcorn said...

yeah what up wit dat? I almost was tempted so maybe it ain't so after hoo.


doxie mama said...

It was a 2003 offering. That was the year Frieda was reintroduced as a parade feature. I know because I ended up with the Frieda flannal pajamas and the stuffed toy. ;-)

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