Friday, December 18, 2009

Hot Hot Hot Dachshund Fashion: Harmont & Blaine

(Turn up the volume)

Done only the way the Italians can, Harmont & Blaine, a fashion company producing quality casual wear for men, has over 60 stores worldwide, including The Hamptons, Miami, and soon New York.  Can we get a Chicago? 
Domenico Menniti, founder and chief executive states about the Dachshund logo:  “We are just like the dachshund dog that we use as a logo. Few Italians know that this dog is German and not British, it is used for hunting and due to its small size it has a very developed intelligence.” The company, he says, “had to use its intuition to assert itself in the competitive fashion market.”  Source.
We're betting that high-fashion Wiener Dog logo helped.  Who doesn't want a Dachshund emblazoned across their chest?

Italian Soccer Player Fabio Cannavaro


Kim said...

I did some research and there is a store in Miami the will be happy to take an order over the phone (this is the only store here in the USA). A long sleeve Polo type shirt in solid colors and depending on size is around $105.00. But from reviews on the brand, it is well worth it!
Maggie's not the only shopper here -LOL

store phone is 305-466-4425

Anonymous said...

BTW the new banner is wonderful!

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