Monday, December 21, 2009

Paralyzed Dachshund Held Captive As Breeder Dog

OK, it's the holiday season, and the Dachshund stories are supposed to be so sweet that you could lick your computer screen and taste sugar.  Unfortunately that's not so with the story of this beautiful dappled chocolate longhair.  Meet 'Rainbow,' one of the 43 Dachshunds recently rescued from a puppy mill in Utopia, Texas.  It was discovered that Rainbow, who is still nursing her last 3 pups, was paralyzed from the back down; "when animal control seized her and her babies, she was in a bathtub."
Rainbow lives in constant pain, and while her future is still uncertain, animal lovers have contributed over $7,000 for her care in just a few days at Diamond Dachshund Rescue.
Read all about Rainbow, watch a news video, and see the awful photos of her former life at KSAT News.


Kim said...

Have they NO shame?!

Anonymous said...

If anyone has a facebook account and is interested in following her story, search for Rainbow Diamond. Diamond Dachshund Rescue is a wonderful rescue where I got one of my beautiful doxies. They are a fantastic rescue and she could not be in better hands. Send your prayers in!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus.... I can't beleave some of the stories I see these days!

Utopia!! more like a living hell for these Doxies.

What is it with America and these puppy mills, are people so darft the dont realise that their buying mill dogs from pet shops and on the internet. Wendy NZ

Anonymous said...

What is it with America and puppy mills? Try Quebec Canada, we have over 2,000 puppy mills in our province alone. Horrible. And further people here in Quebec don't even know what a puppy mill is when you talk to them about it even if you use the french term for Puppy Mills (Moulin de chiens). So its not only America but the whole of North America.

Rainbow Diamond said...

Hi Everyone! It is me, Rainbow! I am on facebook at Rainbow Diamond. I am recovering better than anyone expected and can walk again! People all over the world donated over $8000 for my medical expenses. You can follow me at or check me out on Facebook where I post videos of my recovery almost every day. Thanks for your support! Let's stop those puppymills!!

Anonymous said...

Rainbow is walking! Please check contact DDRTX to get an update!

Haley said...

I just HATE puppy mills!!! Horrible places!

Unknown said...

You people all sound like tree huging morons. If u don't like puppy mills....then why do u all shop at PETCO. They support the nastiest ferret mill ever and Does ANYONE care????? Rediculous!!!! Non of u care u just post and do nothing!

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