Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bean The Alaskan Dachshund Trapped Under Massive Snow For 4 Hours

Meet 'Bean.'  The Valdez, Alaska smooth dappled chocolate boy had a close call when his humans couldn't find him for 4 hours.  Then they remembered that he was outside while the roof was being shoveled following a massive snowstorm which laid down 5 feet of snow over 3 days.  His humans called for him and heard him whimper and dug him out.  Luckily he was trapped near an air pocket. 
“He was hesitant to crawl out of the hole, and was scared and shaking,” his human said. “His nose, paws, and ears were cold but his body was pretty warm … he wasn’t any worse for wear.”
We're glad you're OK little guy.  Read more at the Valdez Star.


Anonymous said...

He looks like miniature bear.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bean, thank goodness your OK. I bet the snow insulated you from the cold. Make sure to wear a good warm coat out there its cold in Alaska!!!

Stay warm buddy.
From, LollyPop Wiggle Butt, Sass the Bold, and Shilo Baby Bean hailing in from Quebec, Canada
PS: It's -29 here, Brrrr.

Michelle said...

Hey...........this is MY dog!!!! My Beaner Weiner is such a good boy, and I have NO idea he had become so famous from his terrible ordeal!!

I am thankful every day that he is ok! All 4 of my mini weenies, are with me and happy/healthy!! :)

~Michelle Gazey :)

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