Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Philly!

Good gracious, check out the handsome mug on this guy!  Wirehair 'Philly,' a Dachshund of many great names, hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and his human, Mike L. writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

Love the blog. My girlfriend and I check it daily.

I have to forward along two pictures of my apricot wirehair Philly, ie Philly Monster, ie, weasel, ie, weaselface, ie #7 Value Meal: The McWeasel, ie #1 Scruff, ie Scruff McGruff.

The lil’ guy has come a long way. His littermate’s owner was my roommate and since then, he’s moved to Iowa from Minnesota. Philly has been lonely and we’re looking for the right rescue dachshund as a friend. In time, hopefully we can have a long/short and scruff blog! From a farm wiener dog to super scruff to being photographed in the haughtiest of neighborhoods!

We can't wait to hear about that perfect rescue that will be in your lap before you know it.  Philly will be so happy!  

Philly relaxes with one of his pals.


Steve J. said...

He's so cute!

Anonymous said...

I would highly recondmend going to and joining dachshund making a difference, its a Twin cities Rescue group with dogs that need loving and caring Homes, plus they have monthly meetup group so the dogs can play!

Sincerely Brian & Jackie Babey,
Bela Lugosi (MiChiwienie), Vincent Price (Tri-Colour Pie Bald).

Linda and the critters said...

I'm in love with him!

hilly said...

Philly looks just like one of my 'boys' called Rufus. So sweet you just want to kiss him all day!!!!

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