Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Lonely Christmas in Hixson, Tennessee

Our hearts go out to Sandra Ogle after her two Dachshunds were killed by a neighbor's pitbulls in her own home last Tuesday.  Rest in Peace 'Misty May' and 'CoCo Bear.'  Ogle said the empty bed where the dachshunds once laid, pales in comparison to the emptiness she feels without her two favorite dogs.
Read more at WRCB TV.


Anonymous said...

OMG, that is so sad. The dachies are so cute. What is it with Pit Bulls and Dachshunds? This is not the first time they attack little dachshunds.

firstyouleap said...

Is it because doxies are both small and confident? That is, they will usually not back down in the face of a threat. Maybe the pit bulls pick up on that?

It is so very sad, I can't imagine having that happen let alone witnessing it.

Kim said...

I'm confused. You KNOW your tenant has aggressive dogs and then your surprised when they get loose and attack?! This made the news because the attackers are Pitt Bulls, wonder if it would have say, if they were Labs? or Goldendoodles? Bet not.
All three of my dachshunds have healthy relationships with Pitts that have been raised and reared with love. no problems.

Anonymous said...

Kim, this lady was attacked by these dogs IN her OWN HOME. I too would be surprised if 2 dogs entered my home and attacked me.

Kim said...

why would you be surprised? if you knew the dogs could not be trusted?
the *muddy paw prints* on the outside door, also tells me these two dogs were pretty much left on their own most times and probably not managed like they should have been. I agree that it is an unfortunate and sad situation but it seems (at least appears) to me that all FOUR dogs were put in this situation by humans and two of the dogs paid with their life.

Anonymous said...

KYM....I am the lady who's home was entered on the morning of December 15th, 2009. I am also the person that told the person that owned these dogs that the male pit bull was not allowed in his residence for this very reason. The other pit bull I had known since its birth. I helped nurse her when she was ill, ect. I had NO IDEA that she would do anything remotly like this. She had never been anything but sweet and loving too me. That male dog had never shown aggression either. You take on alot when you "assume". These babies were my life and the very reason that I took a breath every morning. I have no purpose now. I have no children and I work for myself. My TOTAL devotion was to my babies. I told them every day how much I loved them. I never let them out of my sight. They NEVER went outside. NEVER without me right by their side. I took them to the vet when the slightest issue came up. Misty had seizures and took medication. Cocoa had a bad tooth and took antibiotic because it could not be removed. It was a canine and the dr wanted it treated with antibiotic. I fed them the best food and they slept in pajamas in my bed every night and shared my pillow. How was I to know that a stupid human would enter MY home and leave a door open allowing a TENANTS animals that were COMPLETLY seperate from MY home into MY LIVING ROOM. We shared nothing. Not doors...Not yards.NOTHING. Don;t ever "ass u me" for one second that I would put MY babies in harms way. Are you actually telling me I cannot be safe in MY OWN LIVING ROOM. What is this world coming too that such heartless people are created. I smell my babies blood emenating thru the air in my home consistently, I hear my babies screams, I sit in my living room and relive the moment over and over in my head. What I could of done, what I should have done. Asking why it could not have been me instead of them. 69% of all fatal dog bites are given by PIT BULLS. You see so much negative about them because THEY ARE KILLERS OF PEOPLE, CHILREN AND ANIMALS. Please educate yourself (as I now have) by googleing pit bull attacks. I now sit here looking at my babies empty beds, washing there little outfits and putting aside their toothbrushes and brushes ALONE due to this breed. Please do not assert yourself to a negative extent until you truely know the whole story and then walk in my shoes. Then you may be able to lay judgement at my feet. Until then leave it where it belongs. With God and try to feel compassion (if you have that ability) for my babies and leave it at that. Or find another way to spend you days before Christmas doing good and not bashing those in need of a little compassion.
To those that extend their sentimental expressions. Thank you sooooo much. This is not the end of this. I am creating a non-profit fund in Misty and Cocoas name for those that do not have the funds when their babies are injured or in need of emergency care by RIVER. They were wonderfule and truely did all they could to save my babies. That was what the television report was supposed to be about. As I go through this Christmas alone and in so much pain that I cannot even express it in words....please pray for my babies and I that I can find closure in this time. God Bless each of you and thank you again for your mentions of sorrow. I know Cocoa and Misty somehow know it too.

Anonymous said...

Sandra, that is sad for this to happen to little dachies who were well loved by you.
I agree, Pit Bulls are "time bombs" and yes they can attack without warning. I too informed myself on this breed of dog, even breeders say not to underestimate them as they were bred originally as "fighter dogs" and it is in their genetic makeup regardless how well raised they are. Although there will always be people who will not accept this.

I'm so sorry for your loss of your babies.

Rowdy and Bette said...

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit. We can't imagine your pain and sorrow. Kim is a friend of ours, and is also a dog trainer, so she sees things from both sides - we know that she meant no disrespect to you or to Misty and Cocoa. She was just looking at the situation as she saw it, and the video explained it - 2 untrained dogs - pitbull or otherwise - left alone and often mistreated is a recipe for disaster.

We've posted several stories about pitbulls attacking dachshunds, and obviously each one is terribly heartbreaking. Unfortunately, we (Joey and Maggie) are slightly biased against pitbulls, and we know that we shouldn't be. Maybe it's the media's fault, maybe not. They are powerful dogs who need proper training, and the problem is that they often don't get that training - leaving them with this uncontrolled power and lack of restraint.
There was a story this year where a neighbor golden retriever attacked a doxie in the doxie's own yard. But there were more pitbull stories than we can count. Is that the media's fault? We don't know.
There is a pitbull lover on youtube, and he reads all these stories out of the news about other breeds of dogs doing bad things, including dachshunds. We're quite sure that his pitbulls are well behaved, as he is so involved in their lives.
A study last year found the Dachshund to be THE MOST AGGRESSIVE BREED OF DOG, followed by the chihuahua and jack russel.
The difference between a dachshund and a pitbull however, is that a Dachshund's bite doesn't kill.
Anyway, this is pretty heavy talk for Christmas eve - all the canine problems certainly won't be resolved today - but rest assured that you are in our hearts, and we hope that you can still find a way to enjoy your Christmas.
And while no dog can ever replace another, we hope you will think about bringing another dachshund or two into your life soon - there are plenty of dachshunds out there needing a good home, and needing to be the recipient of all that love you have to give.

Merry Christmas,
Joey and Maggie....

Anonymous said...

Sandra, I'm so sorry to learn about your wonderfull wee Doxies, you are in my thoughts. Wendy NZ

A MilShelb Mom said...

You are in my thoughts. I cannot imagine that pain you feel. I have two miniature dachshunds as well and they are also my "children". My heart goes out to you.

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