Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dachshund Love Stories: "I was determined I would not like that dog."

We will always win you over.  Meet red smooth 'Schatzie,' and her human, retired police chief George E. Fusco Sr., who hail from Mount Airy, Maryland.  Mr. Fusco was never a dog lover after getting Rocky Mountain spotted fever from a dog as a child, but his wife finally laid down the law after 17 years, when she took her husband on a secret drive to pick up Schatzie from a breeder some 8 years ago.
"Isn't it odd how something ever so slight can change a deep, long-standing attitude you have about something?" said Mr. Fusco.
Don't miss this heartwarming story at the Frederick News-Post.


Unknown said...

Dachshunds are so human that they win over even the most determined hold outs!

Anonymous said...

This was wonderful. Enjoyed reading it very much. Very heartwarming! Thanks for posting Joey and Maggie.

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