Thursday, December 3, 2009

Maggie's Corner: Shopping For Dachshunds!

Like most girls, your Long and Short of it All hostess 'Maggie' loves to shop, and boy has she been busy scouring magazines and the internet for the newest designs as well as some classic Dachshund gifts that you might like for your beloved Dachshund, or something special that makes your house a home for the holidays.  Like Maggie says "you can't take it with you, so you may as well spend it!"  Above, thanks so much to our new pal 'Molly' for sending in the link to Talbots.  Click around the links on the site for a while, there's a Dachshund on almost every page! 

Heading over to Pottery Barn, this silver-plated Dachshund bank might make the holidays very merry for a special youngster in your life.  It will set you back $39, but it ships for free.  It's a pretty fair size too, measuring in at 3" wide x 7" deep x 5.5" high.  Don't forget about the other Pottery Barn Dachshund we featured in July.

Our Kansas City pal 'Dash' sends this one in, thanks!  His mom noticed it in the SkyMall catalog while en-route to Mexico for the holidays.  How nice!  Adjustable, polished sterling silver fits up to a 7 1/2" wrist, and it's looooong on personality.  $69.95.

Silver and gold, silver and gold, Ev'ryone wishes for silver and gold.  In this case it's copper, and a little birdy told us that our pal Baxter's mom wishes for this to be in her holiday stocking, so if you happen to know her, this can be found at Etsy for just $44.   A little daschund hangs from fine antique copper chain, 16" in length. 

And speaking of stocking stuffers, you can't go wrong with this beautiful handmade Italian leather Dachshund keychain available at What's Up Dox Dachshund Shoppe for just $16.99.  Available in 3 colors to match your Doxie's coat:  dark reddish-brown, light reddish-tan, and black. Comes ready to give in a gift box. 

Our friends 'Oscar and Hans' found the perfect Christmas gift for mom. It’s a little higher-priced then they are used to though, and they wonder if Garnet Hill will accept kibble and chewies as payment instead?  This aqua lambswool cardigan with Dachshund embellishment can be yours for $98.

A Dachshund clock?  Yours is not to reason why, as they say.  This modern gem was sent in by our pal 'Clancy,' thanks so much little man!  Orange Acrylic, and 16" wide x 9" tall, this will cost $49.95 with free shipping at Naked Decor, home of those Dachshund pillows we featured waaaaay back in January of 08.

And finally, while Maggie could go on all day detailing Dachshund paraphernalia, (there's no shortage, that's for sure!), we'll end with something you've probably never seen before, and will probably never see again:  a life sized papier mache automaton Dachshund.  From the video description:  His name is Roman and came to us from Romania but he was born in Paris as part of the Roullet & Decamps family. The clockwork mechanism makes him nod his head and open and shut his mouth for about 20 minutes. Roman has a suede skin and a history that is quite tragic. There is one gunshot hole still visible on his neck at the front, just above the collar. During restoration about 12 airgun pellets were removed from his head. He is happy now and looking forward to a new owner who will look after him.
Serious Dachshund collectors can bring this home for £2450, about $4100 US Dollars at The House of Automata.

Maggie says Spend Spend Spend! and thanks for sending in all the links!

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Serena and the Nomistakin' Dachshunds said...

GASP!!!! Joey!! Do something about your toenails!!!

Rowdy and Bette said...

lol Serena. They were due to be cut in this photo, but rest assured that they are trimmed at the groomer's at least once a month - i.e., DACHSHUND TORTURE! Joey has some monster toenails, that's for sure; they look like they belong on a bear, not a Dachshund.

angie said...

i saw that bracelet in the skymall catalog too last week! i <3 what's up dox (already have that keychain). and that clock could look a little awkward at 35-40 past the hour...

impromptublogger said...

Love the Talbot's site. It looks like the doxie is one of the "style advisors". Doxies always do stay up with the trends...

Tanya said...

I walked by the Talbots in Woodifeld Mall and squealed when I saw their signs with doxies! Love that pottery barn bank...might have to put that on my wish list!

kalyxcorn said...

ha! i just realized that the One Who Should Know doesn't have an etsy account but hey that pottery barn sculptural doxie is pretty sweet, Mr Bax Romana. Thanks for the plug, Joey & Maggie!! :)

firstyouleap said...

A friend got the leather dachsie keychains for me in Italy--she even brought an extra one for Romeo and Guinness mom. Those are friends to keep!


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