Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wiener Takes All: Finally!

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It seems like this dachumentary has been in production for an eternity, but patient dachshund lovers can finally see the World Premier of the film tomorrow at noon at Park Lane Cinemas in Halifax as part of the Atlantic Film Festival. The US Premier follows in a week at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, and then heads to BendFilm, in Bend, Ore. Hopefully the film will get picked up by a distributer, get released, and we can all see it soon! Excerpt from the Chronicle Herald: They may have seven-centimetre legs, but they go like lightning in pursuit of their favourite chew toy, running at up to nine metres per second.
And when denied their spot in the Wiener’s Circle, the competitors in the Wiener National Championships can fall to pieces.
"When Hailey lost, she was so depressed she went limp, her whole demeanour changed," says Shane MacDougall, who chronicled the journey of six racing dachshunds duking it out to be top dog in Wiener Takes All: A Dogumentary.
The movie, the first for the Prince Edward Island-born and -raised MacDougall, has its world premiere Sunday at noon at Park Lane Cinemas in Halifax as part of the Atlantic Film Festival.
The following week the hour-and-a-half documentary whose tag line boasts it is "a year in the life of the fastest and furriest," makes its U.S. premiere at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival and then heads to BendFilm, dubbed the new Telluride, in Bend, Ore.
Wiener Takes All is a compelling tale of underdogs and egos, of a world rife with infighting and "racism" where some of the athletes come complete with entourages and racing silks bearing monikers like Pretzel, the Brown Bullet and a controversy that San Diego sports reporter Troy Hirsch said was the biggest he could recall in his community.
In Wiener Takes All, the characters in the fictional Best In Show mockumentary become real. One industry veteran says people will spend up to $100,000 a year to get their pooch to the top of the competitive dog show circuit. The winner of the national championship gets a parade, and there’s even a "muttrimonial" performed by a licensed minister, complete with a dog bone-decorated multi-tiered cake, tuxedo and veils.
But mostly, says MacDougall, who lives in San Diego with his wife and four cats, Wiener Takes All is about the heart of the darling dachsies. Read the rest.
For more info, here's the official Wiener Takes All website.

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