Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dachshund Lovers Kicked Out of School!

It seems like the school board needs to get either a sense of humor or a sense of compassion, or that dachshund lovers of the world need to unite and support this guy. Excerpt from The Southern Illinoisan: BY BLACKWELL THOMAS
SESSER -- A Sesser High School student was sent home from class Wednesday morning for wearing what school officials deemed an obscene t-shirt. David Clark Jr. was wearing a shirt that read, “I ♥ my wiener.” Below the text was a silhouette of a dachshund, a breed sometimes referred to as a wiener dog.
Clark said the shirt was a reference to his pet dacshund (sic), which recently died. Clark said he was asked to turn the shirt inside out, change shirts or leave school. Clark chose to leave class. Clark’s parents, Cathy and David Sr. said they intend to pursue legal action against the school.
Southern Illinois University Carbondale law professor, William Schroder said the family might have a case. “I do think that this guy has a reasonable chance of success, “ he said. “He’s not promoting drug use, he’s not promoting violence, promoting disorder or compromising the educational mission of the school.”
Listen to Clark and his father at The Southern Illinoisan.
Wear your heart on your sleeve. Buy the t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

Tacky is not a reason to be suspended.

Perhaps reported to the fashion police, but not suspended...

Andie said...

Wow...that's pretty stupid. Schools are taking these kinds of shirts way too seriously. For one thing, it may be somewhat suggestive, but get over it. If they want to keep the students' minds "pure" then they shouldn't make a big deal out of it themselves!

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