Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dachshunds Getting Married in the News

You can't make this stuff up. Meet beautiful 'Lu Lu' Damitz, a 5-year-old black and tan smooth dachshund and her dashing groom 'Homer' Plants, a 12-year-old toy poodle. The pair decided to finally tie the knot on Saturday after a 5-year courtship. Congratulations to the happy couple! May you have many more years of love and happiness. Excerpt from the Lake County News-Sun: You can't blame Homer for being a little excited Saturday afternoon.
He had been waiting for this day for nearly five years. He had to wait just a little longer, until he got the signal to go to the altar and greet his bride-to-be.
When word came, Homer wasted little time getting down the aisle, pumping all four of his little legs up the ramp to the altar. Moments later arrived his beautiful bride, Lu Lu. The love of his life. The only dog he'd ever kissed.
"They love each other. Lu Lu is his first love," said Carol Plants, Homer's owner.
And what better way to honor that love than some doggy nuptials. So on Saturday that's just what they did. Homer, a 12-year-old toy poodle and Lu Lu, a 5-year-old Dachshund, were married, five years after the pair met as neighbors at Saddlebrook Farms.
For the wedding Homer wore a black bow-tie. Lu Lu sported a white veil and her nails were painted metallic purple.
The union was love at first sight, said Sherry Emerson, a mutual friend of the dogs who performed the wedding ceremony in front of 30 close friends, including other canines.
Lu Lu, the daughter of Ronald and Sharon Damitz, and Homer, the son of Dale and Carol Plants, are next door neighbors at Saddlebrook Farms.
The two met while on a walk one day, and they immediately hit it off.
"They just had a bond since the day they met. They see each other and they kiss and kiss, so we figured this has to be love," Emerson said.
The pair was engaged almost on the spot, and has waited five years to get married.
In the meantime, they have played together, and still kiss whenever they see each other. The two even jumped the gun a bit and kissed upon meeting each other at the altar Saturday. And they of course kissed again once they were officially pronounced a couple.
When they aren't together, they can be heard barking across Steeplechase Way, where they supposedly communicate while inside different homes.
Lu Lu is nearly seven years younger than Homer but is already an expert on marital property. She likes to steal Homer's toys and take them home, said Sharon Damitz.
The pair did overcome one obstacle. Lu Lu isn't particularly fond of white dogs, but Homer is the only one she doesn't bark at, Emerson said.
Even though they are officially a couple, the two won't be living together. Both are a little too territorial to share their beds, said their owners.
There were rumors of allowing them to spend their wedding night together, but that may be too risky, Carol Plants said. Homer is too old to have puppies. The pair will have to settle for adoption.
All those other details can be worked out at another time, for Saturday was a day of celebrating. And as the two rode away in the basket of an electric scooter, adorned with a large "just married" sign, they were clearly the center of attention.
But will the puppy love last?
"It better. We don't do divorces," Sharon Damitz said.

Proud papa Ronald Damitz holds his little Lu Lu

The ceremony took place at Saddlebrook Farms subdivision on Saturday with many guests on hand. A hot dog cookout was held afterwards.

A centerpiece depicting Lu Lu and Homer topped the wedding cake.

See more pics at the the Lake County News-Sun.

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