Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hot Dachshunds in the News

Meet 'Spud!' Spud is a pretty 3-year-old red longhair dachshund who knows how to keep cool in these dog days of summer by seeking shade in the grass, or a tile floor under a fan in the house. Excerpt from the Bradenton Herald, Florida: Spud the dachshund wasn't lying in a bun or under a scoop of sauerkraut, but his relentless search for shade in the midmorning heat indicated he was one hot dog.
Spud's smart, said his owner, Stephanie Chan, as she walked him down the sidewalk along Meandering Way in Summerfield.
Though he's an inside dog, the 3-year-old Spud loves the outdoors and knows how to keep cool on his walks throughout the day. If he gets hot, he lies in the grass for a while to cool off.
Chan takes the proper precautions, too. She usually walks him along the lake behind the family's home, where there's ample shade, and she carries a bottle of water in case Spud starts panting.
It's better to be safe than sorry, and during these dog days of summer, it's not only the females that need to worry about being in heat. See 2 more photos of Spud and read more about canine heatstroke at the Bradenton Herald link.

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