Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dachshund Champion Swings Back into Action in the News

Meet 'Angus' and his 10-year-old human Robbie Breece. Angus is a black and tan wire-haired dachshund. They're gearing up for the Carmichael Founder's Day dog show on September 15th in Carmichael, California. Last year they won contests in 3 categories! Way to go Angus and Robbie! Excerpt from the Sacramento Bee: After winning last year in three categories, including eating the most hot dogs, 10-year-old Robbie Breece is pretty sure he and his dog, Angus, are going to win again in this year's Carmichael Founder's Day dog show.
"After the last show, I taught him a new trick," the fifth-grader said.
"I say 'sit pretty' and I hold the granola bar above his nose, and he sits for a really, really long time," the Fair Oaks boy said.
"I like winning," Robbie said as his wire hair dachshund waddled next to him, sniffing his hands for a treat.
Robbie also won a trophy and a ribbon for having the dog with the tail that wagged the most and was the most poised.
"Basically, he just pranced around in a circle," Robbie said of Angus, who was named more for his color than his bullish characteristics. Read more about the event.

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