Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dachshunds in Pop Culture: Mr. Weenie

Meet 'Mr. Weenie!' Mr. Weenie, a black and tan smooth dachshund, was a character in the 2006 Sony Pictures animated film 'Open Season.' If Mr. Weenie doesn't look so happy, that's because he's just found out that he's going to be the star in the sequel 'Open Season 2,' but it's going to go directly to DVD.
Excerpt from
The Animation Blog: Sony Pictures Animation has confirmed that it’s making a direct-to-DVD Open Season sequel which will hit store shelves in 2009. The original film took in $190 million worldwide and performed well on DVD so a sequel isn’t much a surprise. What is a surprise is the decision to go straight to DVD which hopefully doesn’t mean the production value will suffer.
The new movie will focus on Mr. Weenie and Giselle, both of which were characters in the original film. No word on whether or not the Elliot and Boog characters (Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence) will make an appearance.
Find out more about 'Open Season' and Mr. Weenie at wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mr. Weenie

Kelinci said...

wow ..attractive animation.

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