Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dachshunds, Agility, and Junior Showmanship in the News

'Flirt,' a long-haired miniature black and tan dachshund, tugs on her leash in the arms of her owner, Lindsey Pabst, after placing first at the Kenai Kennel Club's dog agility trial Sunday in Alaska. At 13-years-old Lindsey was the youngest handler, running the agility course with the smallest dog at the trial. Way to go Flirt and Lindsey! Excerpt from the Peninsula Clarion: Lindsey Pabst is no stranger to the world of dog agility. After watching her mother train dogs ever since she could remember, it probably isn't surprising for those who know her to find 13-year-old Lindsey standing in line with Flirt, her 5-year-old long-haired miniature dachshund, at the Kenai Kennel Club agility trial Sunday awaiting her chance to take on the jumps and weaves. "My goal is to run really fast to get her moving and keep her happy, excited and motivated," Lindsey said. "Sometimes she's off and doesn't want to do anything."
Lindsey was 8 when she met Flirt, and started training her when the dog was 6 months old. At her first trial, Lindsey's goal was to just have fun, but after approximately three years of trials, Lindsey hopes Flirt will get a title in the jumping course and the standard course which includes all the obstacles before the event is over. Read the rest.

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