Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OUCH! Wiener Dog On Losing End Of Porcupine Quills

Ever have one of those days?  Poor 'Sammy,' who hails from Kyle, Texas, had one of those days last Thursday.  Via the Hays Free Press:

“In Buda, wiener dogs were chasing trophies. In Kyle they were chasing porcupines,” says Ray Wolbrecht, a local dentist who submitted this photo of his pooch Sammy.
“Quills were removed successfully without anesthesia but not without a lot of squalling,” Wolbrecht reports.

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Barbara Techel said...

Oh the poor little guy! He's seems to be handling it ok though. Those doxie's!

Amy said...

Oh dear... and OUCH!

Thankful my Finnegan sticks to stalking squirrels (which he never catches ;)

(Sorry Finn, you put up a good chase though?)

Alison said...

Sure it hurt, but I bet he'd do it all again!

Anonymous said...

That is inhumane! What does a dentist know about removing quills? Animal cruelty to do w/o anesthesia. each quill has a barb that should be clipped before attempting to remove.
What a kook!

Anonymous said...

Cheapskate to inflict unnecessary pain on a dog.
What sort of person brags about huring his dog? Hmm?

Rowdy and Bette said...

Well we don't think his Dad, the vet, attempted quill removal on his own, but rather took him to the vet!

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