Monday, May 7, 2012

Capitals’ defenseman Karl Alzner’s dogs had way more fun Wednesday night than he did

Thanks to the many folks who wrote in about this hilarious story.  You guys sure do make reporting the Dachshund News easier!  'Rosco P. Dog' from Lee's Summit Missouri sends in:

Dear Joey and Rowdy,

My master Rick and I were cruising the internet and ran into this article on Yahoo!  It is another glaring example of a poor innocent Dachshund who witnessed a horrible act of vandalism.  Thank-Goodness the Dachshund and his buddy were ok.  Via Yahoo Sports:

Imagine being Washington Capitals' defenseman Karl Alzner Wednesday night. Imagine, say, that you played 37:14, over 11 minutes more than your previous career-high, in a 2-1 triple-overtime loss to the New York Rangers -- that you were one of the players in a game that beat pretty much everyone to a bloody pulp and took 114:41 to decide, nearly twice as long as it was supposed to.
Worse, imagine that, just after you pressured Dan Girardi along the far boards, he swung the puck behind the goal to Brad Richards, who centered to Marian Gaborik for the game-winner at 14:41, and all you could do was slam your stick against the glass and head to the room as they celebrated.
Then imagine that, six hours after puck drop, you arrived at home, sore as all hell, thinking about all the things that could have gone your way but didn't. And then you opened your door to this nonsense.
Alzner tweeted the following photo at 1:57 a.m. EST Thursday morning, captioned with the words, "Dogs not happy about the loss either."

Thanks again to our Newshound Rosco for sending in the link.  He's seen here "working for his treats."  How handsome is he?

Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman Karl Alzner poses with his Dachshunds 'Murphy' and 'Charlie' for the 2012 Capitals Canine Calendar.

As an aside, we feel Mr. Alzner's pain.  Our own 'Rowdy,' aka Harry Houdini, escaped his crate while Dad was at work a few weeks ago.  So much for Dad's favorite shoes.  


Anonymous said...

I think we have all had these moments and truthfully what can you do but laugh. They look so proud of themselves.

Rowdy was just saving you from those shoes. They must have been evil. haha
Robin Macy & Bailey

Anonymous said...

When the cat's away the mice will play, OOPS it's when dad's away the dachies will PAR-TY PARTY PAR-TY. LOL

gotta love em!!!

Alice said...

Wow, Roscoe looks exactly like my black and tan longhaired! I have two dogs, and for the longest time, thought it was the big ole' mutt getting into the trash every time we left the house. Well, after roasting some chicken in a pan on tin foil, and coming home to yet another disaster, we soon found out who the true culprit was the next night while going potty. My dachshie's "tootsie rolls" had built-in reflectors!

Eliza57 said...

Dear Doxie Lovers,
A long time ago Rick was working on a shoot with a Mr. Wayne G. at his home. While other crew members were getting his autograph on team-shirts, pucks and other such hockey stuff - where was my husband?! In the kitchen playing with...the Great One's wiener dogs! Priorities! Happy tails!
Love, Eliza 57 xo

Turbo and Lily said...

Wow... WHODUNIT? They might have to call in Scotland Yard to figure this one out.

Alison said...

At first I didn't notice all the indelible black Sharpies strewn about the light beige carpet. Luckily the caps appear to be intact. Those things terrify me worse than wobbly old elevators or driving on the Dan Ryan during rush hour!

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