Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dachshund Spring Fiesta 2012

Hundreds of Dachshunds and Dachshundists descended on Washington Square Park in New York City on Saturday for the 2012 Dachshund Spring Fiesta. The event, now in its 21st year, is our sign that Spring has truly arrived!   Excerpt via the Washington Square News:

Washington Square Park was once again overrun by the hottest dogs in town on Saturday as part of the Dachshund Friendship Club's biennial event, Dachshund Day. The Dachshund Spring Fiesta is a free public event in which dachshund owners come out by the hundreds to socialize and show off their very own wiener dogs.
Adrian Milton, co-founder of the Dachshund Friendship Club, explained the origins of the event.
"We rescued a dachshund [and] it would whimper whenever it saw another dachshund, so we just put a sign up saying, 'Dachshund lovers meet in Washington Square Park,'" Milton said.
He said the event usually attracts around 400 people and 300 dogs, but this year may have seen less attendance due to poor weather speculations.

See another photo and read more about the event at the Washington Square News.


Eliza57 said...

This is the best reason to visit NYC!

Amy said...

MY Kind'a People!

Anonymous said...

our hazelnut is at 0:33!!! the dapple with red harness. love this video and event!! thanks Long and Short!!

Unknown said...

Omg I love my baby Mr teddy he's a dapple red short hair I'm looking to am getting him a wife soon ..

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