Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The sausage dog stays! I'll keep taking pet to the office, insists Minister who used staff microwave to warm dachshund's pillow

You go Mr.UK Energy Minister Greg Barker (huh?)!   Yep, his office mates weren't so happy when he used the office microwave to warm up Otto's pillow-like warming pad, but he'll keep bringing the Dachshund to the office.  Excerpt from The Daily Mail:

Conservative Mr Barker, a close friend of David Cameron, started taking 20-week-old Otto to his office because he thought he was too young to leave at home.
‘I bought the heat pad to go under his mat,’ he said. ‘It helps Otto nod off to sleep.
'Unfortunately, I forgot to heat it up at home so I popped it in the microwave when I got to the office, which I shouldn’t have done.
'There was a complaint and I have said sorry.’
Mr Barker says his dog is enormously helpful in getting meetings with foreign dignitaries off to a smooth start.
Mr Barker decided to buy a dachshund after a conversation with Italian-born socialite Carla Powell, wife of Margaret Thatcher’s former adviser Charles Powell. ‘I got talking to her on an official trip to Rome. She is crazy about dachshunds.’

Aren't we all?  Read more about Otto and Mr. Barker at The Daily Mail.


Whit said...

Who could NOT want a dachshund, let alone a dachshund PUPPY, in their office?!
I don't see the big deal about the pad in the microwave (as long as it's clean)...but I guess some people are icked out easier than others...

Anonymous said...

I took my Otto to work when he was a puppy (from about age week 10-16). He became the mascot of the office and just about all my staff fell in love with him. Siol

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