Monday, May 7, 2012

Peter Alexander Skypes With His Dachshunds

Us Dachshunds love bedtime, and we can imagine that it must be even more fun when your Dad designs pajamas.  Australian Dachshund Lover Peter Alexander talks about his crew at

Even when the designer travels overseas for work on his eponymous sleepwear brand - which celebrates its 25th birthday this year - he speaks to his 'fur babies', dachshund Betty and dachshund cross Butch, every day. "My personal trainer looks after them, and I make him Skype and hold them up to the camera so I can talk to them," Alexander says with a laugh. "Dogs give so much. They remind me how simple life can be and what's really important."


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Don't miss Mr. Alexander's fun doxie-themed website: Peter Alexander USA.

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