Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Note From Joey and Maggie: Vet Time

Maybe if I lay perfectly still Dad won't lift me out of bed this morning.

We apologize for no update yesterday, but Dad had to take your 'Long and Short of it All' host 'Joey' to the veterinary specialty center for his monthly DOCP shot for his Addison's Disease before Dad went to work. 'Maggie' came along for the ride. Joey has been having issues with his anal glands for about a week as well, so had those looked at - even though his groomer expressed them a few days before Thanksgiving, they were still bugging him.
Everyone at the veterinary specialty center was happy to see Joey back and that he is doing so well after his troubling surgery. All the girls came out from behind the front desk on his arrival to get down on the floor and say hello to him. He loved the attention.  Maggie did her best to hide under the waiting room chairs.
Joey got weighed in and is maintaining his weight quite well at 20.5 pounds for the last several months.  They didn't take his temp because of his anal gland issues.  They drew blood to check his sodium and potassium, and the levels looked right on target so he got his monthly shot.  Ouch! 
The good doctor commented that Joey looked fantastic - he noticed how well Joey's coat is growing back, which is a good sign that things are going well for him.  He also commented that Joey didn't seem so afraid of him this visit and was happy to see him - he had commented before that Joey seems to like everyone in the hospital but him, and he wanted to get on Joey's good side.  It probably didn't help that the anal gland expression was next though.
Sure enough, his left gland is impacted and infected.  The good doctor tried to express it, and Joey yelped out in pain.  They ran a culture of some of the stinky discharge to find that there is an infection which will worsen if they don't clean the glands out.  Joey was going to be sedated to have the procedure done - a tube would be inserted through his anus and into his glands, and an antibiotic solution would be used to flush the glands out several times.  This is a more routine procedure that the veterinary specialty center doesn't normally do though, and sure enough, they didn't have the antibiotic solution in stock.  Joey was given the gift of time.
So, he will be seeing his regular veterinarian tonight for the procedure.  Poor little guy is still in pain today, as he continues to chase his nether-region in circles.  Hoping all goes well tonight.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Presenting Complaint
Joey was presented on 12/1/2010 at 10:32 AM for recheck. 

Joey is a 9 yr m/n Dachshund.  He has a history of splenectomy, bilateral adrenalectomy, pulmonary thromboembolism and pancreatitis.  Joey is currently doing very well at home.  Joey is on Prednisone 0.75 mg daily, Ursodiol 100 mg daily, and DOCP 21 mg IM every 28 days.  He has been scooting for the past 2 weeks after a grooming and anal gland expression.

Physical Examination
Temperature: na,  Pulse na/na, Respiration:  na
Weight:  9.318 kg, 20.5 lbs, 0.44 m2
Appearance:  normal
Eyes:  normal
Ears:  normal
Nose:  normal
Oral Cavity:  normal
Heart/Lungs:  normal
Abdomen:  normal
Musculoskeletal:  normal
Neurological:  normal
Skin:  normal
Lymph nodes:  normal
Other Comments:  WE LOVE JOEY!!!

Bilateral adrenalectomy
Biliary sludge
Infected and impacted left anal gland

Hospital Services
Joey was admitted into the hospital.
Blood was drawn for an I-Stat:  I Stat EC8+

Joey's anal glands were checked and expressed.  An in-house cytology was performed due to suspected infected anal gland.  TNTC (too numerous to count) cocci, no neutrophils noted.
DOCP 21 mg IM

Joey's prognosis is good.

Instructions to Owner
Recheck appointment in 28 days to ultrasound Joey's abdomen.  Recommend follow up appointment with regular veterinarian for anal gland expression, flush, injection, and antibiotics.

Thank you for bringing Joey to VSC.  It was great seeing you both and Maggie. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.


firstyouleap said...

Oh Joey, we are so glad that you are doing well on the big bad stuff but we feel your pain on the procedure today! And Dad's pain.....
Thank you for keeping us so very up to date on Joey and Maggie! We look forward to hearing that he is past the nasty glad issue....Melinda and Jeeves

curator said...

Get well soon Joey! I bet they do that gland thing all the time - you'll be all clean in no time and then can just get strong and happy!

Anonymous said...

What great news about Joey! Sorry to hear about the anal glands. Hope the procedure goes well and will be behind him quickly.

doxieshar said...

I bet your great health status is the best gift that your dad and Maggie could ever get for Christmas, Joey! Shhh.....Abby is going to the vet today also to have her chronic anal gland issue examined.

Anette said...

I especially love the "we love Joey!!!" comment on the doctor´s report!!! Get well soon Joey,
Lovie and Anette

Jayne and Annie said...

Joey, Magggie and Dad, we want you to know we are thinking of you and hope all goes well tonight - you are all still in our prayers. Thank you for the update - we always wonder how he is (and you all) and worry when we don't see your daily blog! Feel better soon, sweet little Joey!! Love, Jayne and Annie

Anonymous said...

Who COULDN'T love Joey? Thank you very much for the update, we'll remember precious Joey in our prayers.

Anne said...

WE LOVE JOEY too!!!!!! dang, bum - we hate those glands too and don't like getting them expressed! hang in & rest!!

woof woof from:
Roxie Lou, Coco Beane and Auntie Annie Em

Anonymous said...

Joey, we are sorry to hear about your anal gland issues...but we know your daddy and the doctors will take good care of you. You are looking better each day! Prayers are always coming your way!
Pepper, Scooby and Milla and our mom Melissa Hawkins

Oscar and Hans said...

We are all wigglebutt over the good news that you are doing so good! We feel for you on the anal gland issues; paws are crossed that all goes well on that front.

Stay long and awesome, both of you!

Rowdy and Bette said...

Aw, thanks guys. Joey is doing pretty good. He's a little knocked out from the drugs - acting aloof but with his tail between his legs; he didn't want to eat dinner afterwards, but ate a little when the food was sat near him. Just fed him about half his regular portion and hoping he doesn't get sick. He should be great by morning. It's getting chilly so he's got a coat on, and he's sleeping in his bed after a lap session.
And hoping Abby is doing great as well!

Anonymous said...

Me too!! I have the same anal problem and my human dad has to express them. He does out of sight of Mrs. Dad because she is squeamish. She's such a wuss.

Teddy Kearley

Anonymous said...

Liz, here. Teddy wanted to type a quick note before letting me have the computer.

Carson: You are such a good doggy daddy! Thanks for providing to us fans of your blog an update on Joey's status including all of that medical mumbo jumbo.

I was worried (as were the others here typing comments tonight) that something was amiss.....

Tomorrow is another day.... and LOL about lap session. It works both ways, dont they?? Dogs enjoy it, and we humans enjoy their enjoyment.


JANN said...

Hi Joey,
you are loved so much by so many of us. Praying all goes well for your gland procedure and YOU feel better soon. Sorry you are having this problem and sending YOU and Maggie many loving hugs. My 5 lb chihuahua, Chiquita sends her best to you both also, she says : HAPPY HOLIDAZZZZ AND MAY SANTA BRING YOU MANY YUMMY GOODIES TOO :)

Anonymous said...

Big woof from the snowy north of Germany! Great to hear that the vet is happy about the progress Joey made since his dramatic surgery. He is so brave! After all he went through this year, he will master this infection as well to be ready when Santa comes along, hopefully with a huge bone in his hands (and a soft cushion for Joey's sensitive "derrière"!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Joey your looken good!!! Hope your gland procedure is over before u know it. U will be good as new for Xmas. Have u and Maggie put in your list yet to Santa? We managed to find mom's 2 stashed bags of stuffed squeaky toys, tennis balls and bags of soft treats in her closet. We could smell those soft chewies, thats what did it. Yep, we had a early Xmas, boy did we have fun. Managed to destuff 5 of them before mom caught us. We tried to look bashful using our sad puppy eyes when she told us they were for a rescue group. Oops, sorry mom but u know how hard it is to resist those!!! Hope we are not on Santa's bad boy/girl list!! Toodles from the 4 brats from Quebec Canada, Shilo, LollyPop, Sass and Maggie

Alicia said...

Joey really looks great and we're glad that his appointment went well, all things considered. I'll bet Maggie is looking pretty also!

The best surgery that Oskar has had was the laser surgery to remove his anal glands when he was about two years old. The site was totally cleaned out and cauterized and the site closed with surgical glue (I kid you not), so no E collar was necessary. He had some light pain meds for a few days and his diet was normal. We saved so much money in the long run because the emergency vet costs were pretty high. He had had a happy, stink free butt ever since. Joy!

I had the vet send me pictures of the procedure. Yeah, a little weird but I was an animal science major, so no big deal.

kalyxcorn said...

aw little guy! hope your tushie is on the mend now :)

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