Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dachshunds Top On 'Naughty' List!

So tell us something we DON'T know!  Janet Storm over at the The Daily Reflector out of Greenville, North Carolina, muses over her naughty but handsome boy 'Clifford':

There's something about the holiday season that brings out the worst in my elderly dachshund. Make no mistake — mischief has been his second nature since he first arrived in my life. But every December he ramps up the bad boy attitude and gets into trouble with a capital T — and that stands for Christmas tree.
Perhaps this a partly my fault. The first week of every December I use vacation days to complete all my Christmas baking, shopping, shipping and decorating. It's a tradition that dates back for years and allows me to relax and enjoy the latter part of the month.
Clifford adores this vacation — or bakation as I refer to it — because I am home, the house is full of wonderful scents and he has the opportunity to wreak havoc.
At the top of his priority flowchart is stealing and consuming as many baked goods as he possibly can. I try and thwart him in this goal, but old age has made Clifford wily. He has perfected the ability to slip beneath my feet and trip me while I'm carrying a full cookie tray. He pulled this move during my most recent bakation, and when a frosted sugar cookie tipped off the edge of my tray, he had it halfway down his throat before I'd even regained my balance. A scolding caused him to run into the living room to sulk and plot further thefts. There was not a scintilla of remorse on his face when I checked on him later. His only regret, I suspect, is that I managed to hold onto the tray.

And what's wrong with that?!  Read more of Clifford's amusing holiday antics over at The Daily Reflector.

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Anonymous said...

What a cutie. Does not being "mischief" make them more adorable? Gotta love em!!!

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